Monday, October 08, 2012

Fed Up
This 2yrs its been a tragic for me...going through a lot of fuckin unhappy things.
Sometimes do feel like to kill my-self but then thank god I have a beautiful parents, brother and best buddies. Otherwise..what a stupid though.
I think I've been being "Patience" enough of these shit.
Still I do hope and pray good things will always come to me asap..kind of like desperate.
Really hoping and god bless always...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Its been long time I have not seen this "MAD" magazine...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

See Through The Window

This year is such a "Disaster" year for me..
Many unhappy things happened to me...
Sometimes when I'm driving, in my bedroom or sitting at my home kitchen..staring on the window
and wonder why my life is such a peace of "Shit" 

Every time hope that things can just turn "OK" and hope there's a helping hand show up from a window.
But I realized there are more people who much worst than me.
I'm glad that even I felt deep down to hell, there's I called "BUDDY" or "TRUE FRIEND" .
Really do appreciate and thank god I found a true friend.
Rather than those "ASS HOLE", when they need you they call or find you or they suddenly 
Think of you or realized "Oh! I got a friend...its you! Yes its you!!" Bloody Hell!!!
But when they don't need you...they will "KEEP SILENT" or 
"Excuse me??!! Do I know you?" 
Well I'm not the one who judge them, "ONLY GOD" can judge them.
"What comes around, comes around"
But then its still my stupidity....
Now I see through the window and there's a "HOPE"
And all I need is to change my life to be good and principal.
Hoping for good and hope next year will be my "LUCKY" year.
I've learned my lesson and I apologize for all the things I've caused.
Seeking for forgiveness and Hope for the best.


One Of My Fav

Its been few months I haven't eat any one of my favorite "CUP CAKE"
Suddenly thought about it and makes me so hungry for it..
Really need to find time to enjoy my delicious "CUP CAKE"
   So cute this "Angry Bird Cup Cake"
And yummy too....
Gosh!! Really need to get some "CUP CAKE" for myself!!